Our Studs

27a - Raj

(Ch Kymian Toytiger x Karesama Gentiandream)
Breeder: Karen Robinson

Rajah brings us important new bloodlines, he has a super pedigree with a good mix of old and new with very low inbreeding (0% over 6 generations).      It is also very nice that his mother is the great granddaughter of my original Burmese boy, Ch Kizwozzi Oliver. Rajah is a gentle character and is quite a clown. I am very grateful to my dear friend Karen for rearing such a wonderful, strong and sweet boy.

His offspring are doing exceptionally well on the show bench, we are particularly proud of Olympian Silver Imp Gr Pr Kennbury Returnofshe who is the first Asian to win this title. My thanks to Mary & Tricia for showing her in such beautiful condition. Tested HKL Negative. .  




27b – Hari


(Gr Ch Majik Gimcrack  x UK & Imperial Grand Champion Papagena Vera Boronel)
Breeder: Anna Virtue

My thanks to Anna for the wonderful job she has made in rearing this gorgeous boy. Hari is a wonderful, sweet natured boy who takes life as it comes.  He has superb type and an amazing  pedigree with low inbreeding (0% over 6 generations). We were thrilled when he won Best  Burmese Kitten at the South Western Counties  in September (his first show) he certainly adored the attention!!  Having been proactive in finding data for the HKL research we chose Hari knowing  that he carries the HKL gene, we made a positive decision to use this extraordinary pedigree to broaden our existing gene pool, thus bringing our co-efficiency of inbreeding to even lower levels! Hari is available to Negative tested queens only, he is particularly sweet with his wives. His offspring so far have been of a high quality and temperament, with two of his daughters from his first litters winning BOV at their first shows. His offspring so far have been of a high quality and temperament, with three of his daughters from his first litters winning BOV at their first shows.




ASH d 25 – Cornelius

(Karesama Kennbury-Rajah x Gr Ch Chamore Goodthymelucy)

Breeders: Mary Williams & Tricia Pallett
Cornelius is a Full Expression Red Ticked Tabby (chocolate based)  and is quite frankly the soppiest boy you could imagine (he is currently living with his son  Hawkeye who suckles him, which he seems to enjoy!). He loves everyone, really likes to be vacuumed(?) enjoys being shown, gaining BOV on his first outing. We are very excited with the quality of his first litters and he is now proven to carry spotted/mackerel tabby and the Tiffanie gene. He has low inbreeding and is HK Neg.


ASH bs 25 – Hawkeye

(Ch Chamore Kennbury Cornelius x Kennbury Lovedbyshe) 

Young Hawkeye is a chip of his father’s block that’s for sure, he is laid back, sunny and just gorgeous!

He is a Full Expression Chocolate Ticked Tabby (born with Spotted pattern, which is just visible), he looks to carry longhair which is useful. We hope to make full use of his amazing silver coat by introducing him to some beautiful Burmese ladies in due course, but for now he’s happy playing the days away with his dad! Hawkeye is HK Negative.



BUR c – Alfie
Kennbury Alfie 
(Ch Hobberdy Kennbury-Haroun x Tiricats Tiki) 
Breeder: Jo Parkman
Alfie is the sweetest natured boy. He is a really super pale lilac with an exceptionally short silky coat.
A big thank you to Jo for a super job in rearing him. He will bring valuable new bloodlines
to our gene pool, which enables us to continue to breed traditional Burmese with very low inbreeding ratios.
Hopefully he will be ready to entertain suitable ladies in the autumn.
Alfie is HK negative.




27b - Chami



(Inyanga Tamorie Newstar x Kimarlim Khazarox Starr)
Breeder: Dawn Hackett

Chami is a real sweetheart, who purrs, head butts and makes bread constantly. Dawn and her family have made a super job of rearing this young man. My thanks also to Irene Grice (Kimarlim) for helping with bloodlines. He has an interesting pedigree and is a positive asset to our breeding programme. Carries blue. Tested HKL Negative.

Chami is currently on loan to Elaine Hamilton (Inyanga) in Scotland